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30 Years of Greatness

Baltimore Boxing's
Hall of Fame Members

After 30 years of being in the boxing game, Jake Smith has accumalated every possible role in the Boxing Community. He has inspired young men to become fighters, supporters and trainers of boxing. This list is made up of the people who have supported, inspired and helped Baltimore Boxing to become the largest Boxing entity in the State of Maryland.

The following members are the inaugural inductees and are recognized by Baltmore Boxing for their contributions to the sport of Boxing as fighters, referee's, Trainers, and supporters. 

Baltimore Boxing HOF Inductees.jpeg

Baltimore Boxings HOF Inaugural Class

  • Brian Kimball Fighter/Supporter 

  • Eddie Saurhoff Fighter/Promoter/Supporter

  • Josh Hall Fighter/Match Maker/Supporter

  • Raymond Rites Trainer

  • Mark Orendorff Fighter Supporter

  • Keith French Fighter/Supporter

  • Brad Scott Fighter/Supporter

  • Henry Mays Fighter

  • Jim Saufley Trainer

  • Lou Seidel Supporter

  • Elias "Bull" Bouloubassis Fighter 

  • Jed Phipps Fighter

  • Karlus Bowling jr.  Fighter/Supporter

  • Russ Shiflet Fighter

  • Kirk McEwen Marketing

  • Mike Ricassa Fighter/Supporter

  • Jack Crowe Fighter/Supporter

  • Mindy Smith BOSS LADY/Supporter

  • Kevin Rooney Trainer  (Vinny Paz)

  • Vinny Paz 5X world Champion/Supporter

 Posthumous Inductees

  • Murry B. Smith Sr.  The Bushwhacker

  • Mike Dietrich "The American Dream" Fighter

  • Joe "Old Master" Gans (1st African American World Boxing Champion)​​


Future Inductees

As you can see the inaugrual class is quite full. There are many more that will be in next year.  Keep supporting Boxing and maybe one day you could be apart of Baltimore Boxing Royalty. 

Thank you to all Inductees you all deserve the recognition and keep Boxing fighting!

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